"I'm in Love" (everybody loves Kitsch)

"Once again I find my self just thinking about her. Every now and then I wanna kiss her and say, that I wouldn't mind a little bit more of that girl's love arround my life but I don't know if she knows... I'm in Love, I'm in Love with her, I'm in Love, I'm in Love with her, I'm in Love..."

"Every now and then I think I'm gonna go crazy. If she doesn't call me soon I'm gonna get mad. Yes, indeed she drives me kind of wild but I guess that I could light the fire in her heart if I try..."

"Something that I've never felt before; when I look into her eyes I can not hide my feelings any more..."


...just another silly love song.

    There is no point in denying it, this is one of the cheesiest songs I've ever written, but it is also one of the most sincere ones too. When we fall under the spell of Love, our rational side is sent on a trip to a far away land where only Love itself has the power to bring it back to us, but not before we get the "whole treatment" of emotional rollercoasters, and stomach butterflies, and yes... corny love songs like the one you've just listened. 


   No tiene caso que lo niegue; esta es una de las canciones más cursis que he escrito, pero también es una de las más sinceras. Cuando caemos bajo el hechizo del Amor, nuestro lado racional es mandado de viaje a un lugar muy lejano, de donde sólo el Amor puede traerlo de vuelta hacia nosotros, pero no sin que antes pasemos por el "tratamiento completo" de montañas rusas emocionales, mariposas en el estómago, y sí... empalagosas canciones cómo ésta que acabas de escuchar.